The Best Skyline Drive Lodging Options for Your Shenandoah Valley Vacation

August 10, 2017

As one of the most scenic stretches of roadway in the United States, the Shenandoah Valley’s Skyline Drive winds through incredible vistas and views. It’s a road that transports travelers back to the days of driving for leisure instead of as a hectic race to work each morning. It’s the perfect vacation activity and nearby Skyline Drive lodging options make it convenient to get there, too. You’ll want to bring your camera and an adventurous spirit. So, plan your Skyline Drive lodging, grab your keys, and take a relaxing drive as the amazing views envelop you with Shenandoah Valley beauty.

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Why Cruise Skyline Drive?

The Views

This epically scenic skyway, the park’s only public road, runs for 105 miles through the gorgeous Shenandoah National Park. Mile markers running along the west side of the road guide travelers to the many wonderful places to stop along the way. Aside from the 75 different scenic overlooks strategically placed along the way, there are many other places to stop and see out. You can pick up a map of Shenandoah Skyline Drive at any of the visitor centers throughout the park.

The Nature

If you’re a birdwatching hobbyist, there are few places as ideal as the Shenandoah Skyline Drive. The Big Meadows Amphitheater, in the picnic grounds near milepost 51, is home to the Birds of Prey program, which hosts educational shows throughout the summer season. You can also read more about the park biologists’ efforts to help relocate coastal peregrine falcons chicks to mountaintops in the park.

The History

One of the park’s historic gems is the country retreat of President and First Lady Hoover, known as Rapidan Camp. This beautifully restored cottage, built in 1929, offers guests the opportunity to enjoy its historic significance as a representation of mountain life in that era, as well as a glimpse into the life of the president, himself. Tours are led by rangers throughout the summer months, leaving from the Harry F. Byrd Visitor Center in the park.

Skyline Drive Lodging Options Offer Convenience

By the Side of the Road Inn & Cottages is nestled near lovely and undisturbed vistas, making it easy to explore the area, including Skyline Drive, Harrisonburg, and much more! It’s just minutes from some of the best restaurants, Shenandoah Valley attractions, and other things to do! Plus, cities such as Washington D.C. and Richmond are also just a couple hours away, too. With so much to see and do, boredom will never be an option when you stay in these fantastic rooms and cottages. So, browse our availability and see for yourself what an adventure to the Shenandoah Valley looks like. These Skyline Drive lodging options are the most convenient way to see the landscape in an easy and comfortable way. At By the Side of the Road Inn & Cottages, you’ll have a Shenandoah Valley vacation the way it was meant to be.


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